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The School Board ensures the school community is involved in school planning and accountability.

We wish, therefore, to outline the various functions of the School Board and its relationship with the P&C Association to better enable you to be actively involved in your school.

School Board meeting dates

All parents/caregivers are welcome to attend school board meetings.

Up coming meeting dates:

Term 1 - Monday March 18, 2024

Term 2 - Tuesday June 4, 2024

Term 3 - Monday September 2, 2024 

Term 4 - Monday November 25, 2024



  • Primarily the School Board formulates the following aspects of the School Development Plan:

    1. A brief, but clearly expressed statement of the School’s Vision and Purpose.
    2. The education outcomes the school is seeking for students.
    3. The school priorities for our next planning cycle.
  • Examines Performance Information in summary format i.e. School Annual Report, drawn from student and school performance data to determine the success in achieving the School Purpose.
  • Views and endorses the School Budget.
  • May initiate the need for the school to formulate a policy and ensures policies reflect the School Vision and Ethos.
  • Endorse the school operation plan, business plan and workforce plan.
  • Has the option of providing parent representation on local selection of the principal.
  • To be an accountability and review body to ensure programs are in place and strategic plans are being undertaken.

The relationship with the P&C

  • The P&C Association continues to provide financial and resource input to the school as deemed necessary.
  • It also has the right to seek information and discuss matters which can then be passed on to the School Board for examination and possible inclusion in the School Development Plan and/or policy.
  • The P&C can only make policy for itself – not for the school.
  • P&C has the responsibility of providing a representative for the School Board and thus has a influence in the decision making process.
  • Both the School Board and the P&C need to have good communications and a friendly relationship to enable the school to meet its purpose and vision.

Who to approach when issues/ideas arise

The principal , deputy principals and teachers are the contact when a concern is about individual children or teachers.

2024 School Board

Jacki-Lee Munckton

Chairperson and Parent

Chairperson and Parent:

A former Swanbourne Primary student, Jacki-Lee and her husband Simon joined in 2018. They have four children and look forward to many more years as part of the school community.


Jacki-Lee has held various leadership positions and is a graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Most recently, she was a Board Member for Celebrate WA and previously founded and directed her own business. 


With over 20 years of experience working in multiple industries, Jacki-Lee is committed and passionate to apply her knowledge and expertise to help facilitate the best possible education and community for all facets of Swanbourne Primary.

David Knox


David began his teaching career in 1990 and has been a principal for 20 years. He is a member of the Australian College of Educators and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education, a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education degree from the UNE. 

Since becoming a principal, David has lead schools in the Esperance, Pilbara and Perth districts as well as a tenure in Head Office where he worked on the National Partnerships- Literacy and Numeracy program and supported schools across the system during post Expert Review Group reviews in meeting their prescribed improvement strategies. David has also held part time/contract positions with Fairfax publishing, Edith Cowan University as a sessional lecturer and the Department of Defence Force Personnel as an Education Consultant.  

David spends much of his work time in classrooms and out with students as he is committed to working as a collaborative team to create a caring, inclusive and respectful school culture and a curriculum that values each child as an individual.


Rebecca Robson

Associate Principal

Holly Nicholls

P&C President and Board Representative

Holly Nicholls is a parent at the school and President of the P&C. She has two children currently attending with her third joining soon. Holly, along with other parents in the P&C is focused on enriching the Swanbourne Primary community for its families, children, teaching and office staff to make it the absolute best it can be.

Previously Holly was working for Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands in corporate communications then Malaysia in corporate and creative writing. Her background is in Marketing & Public Relations but in more recent years has made the pivot to a more creative scene in Interior Design. 

Perri Nixon


Perri has been at Swanbourne Primary School for 7 years. She first started her teaching experience here as a fourth year university student, completing her ATP in the Year 6 classroom with Selena Evans as her mentor. Over her 7 years, she has taught years 4, 5 and 6. 

She is currently the BYOD Program coordinator and has been for 6 years, since 2019. With assistance from colleagues, Perri has designed and implemented the Technologies Curriculum Plan, Digital Technologies Scope and Sequence and provided professional development on ICT skills to the staff of Swanbourne Primary School.

Angus Hammond


Chelsea Crane


Nic Kemp

Defence Student Mentor

Ben Galvin


Ben and his wife Emma have been living in Swanbourne since 2015, after relocating from Sydney. They are actively involved in the community and have two boys who have attended Swanbourne Primary School. Their son William started year 5 in 2024, and Hamish graduated in 2023. Both Ben and Emma are dedicated members of the Swanbourne Primary School community with Emma actively involved in the P & C, contributing her time and efforts to support the school and its initiatives. Outside of their involvement with the school, Ben and his family lead an active lifestyle and can often be found at the local playing fields and beach.

Professionally, Ben holds the position as Regional Head of Marsh Advisory leading a team of risk and resilience consultants operating nationally.

Ben is enthusiastic about the opportunity to further contribute to the Swanbourne Primary School community and is passionate about ensuring the best possible educational outcomes and inclusivity for all students.

Ryan Davey


Ryan and his wife Peta have been involved with Swanbourne Primary since 2014 and have lived in Swanbourne since 2013, with eldest daughter having graduated from Swanbourne Primary in 2020 and other daughters currently in Years 5 and 3 respectively. Both parents are active in the school community with Peta always supporting the P&C (previously on the committee) and Ryan coaching school minkey teams. Ryan has completed a Certificate in Governance Practice with the Governance Institute of Australia and has been a director of a medium sized Engineering company since 2017 to present. His day-to-day role within the company is the WA Operations Manager.

Ryan is enthusiastic to ensure Swanbourne Primary continues to provide all students the required opportunities and skills to have an enjoyable and successful education.

James Pears


James and his wife Jen have lived in Swanbourne since 2019, and with two daughters at the school , they feel very fortunate to be part of the Swanbourne school community. A pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force since 2002, James’ flying career has involved global operations on maritime reconnaissance and strike aircraft. James is currently employed in flying instruction and management roles, operating PC-21 aircraft from RAAF Base Pearce. James brings an understanding of the challenges faced by military families in the school community and looks forward to the serving on the school board.

Stephanie Ward


Stephanie and her husband Chris are parents to two Swanbourne Primary students.  Steph joined the Swanbourne Primary Board in 2022 as a way to give back to the school that gives her children so much.  A strategy and sustainability professional with over 20 years’ industry and consulting experience across resources, energy, infrastructure, government and financial services, Steph is currently focussed on helping government and industry navigate the complex challenges of the energy transition.   Steph is passionate about all aspects of sustainability in particular social sustainability and its role in sustainable economic development and is committed to bringing her knowledge, skills and connections to support the ongoing development of Swanbourne Primary.

Lauren Pavlich


Jane Wyndham


Jane and her husband Dane, live in Swanbourne and have two daughters who currently attend the school. Jane is a Certified Practicing Marketing and has previously held positions as the Head of Marketing and Community Relations for both MLC and Hale where she worked with the leadership teams to implement strategic initiatives enhancing school visibility and fostering positive community engagement.

Jane currently works for a commercial property company and heads up the marketing, communications and research teams.  Jane looks forward to contributing her strategic marketing expertise and leadership experience to support the continued success and growth of Swanbourne Primary.

Shree Thanapal


Shree and her two sons, Darshan is in Year 5 and Dhivesh is in Year 3, have lived in Perth since 2022.  Shree holds distinctive positions such as an academic lecturer at Curtin University, a senior school mathematics teacher at Methodist Ladies College and a gifted program teacher for Mathematics Association (WA). With fervent commitment to education, Shree is a PhD researcher who specializes in teaching and learning approaches within school environments, Her research extends to the examination of teacher beliefs that influence pedagogies and tackling student diversity in classrooms. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is an active netball player and coach for the University of Western Australia. Her multifaceted contributions exemplify her dedication to both academic excellence and holistic student development.


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