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The School Board ensures the school community is involved in school planning and accountability.

We wish, therefore, to outline the various functions of the School Board and its relationship with the P&C Association to better enable you to be actively involved in your school.


  • Primarily the School Board formulates the following aspects of the School Development Plan:
    1. A brief, but clearly expressed statement of the School’s Vision and Purpose.
    2. The education outcomes the school is seeking for students.
    3. The school priorities for our next planning cycle.
  • Examines Performance Information in summary format i.e. School Annual Report, drawn from student and school performance data to determine the success in achieving the School Purpose.
  • Views and endorses the School Budget.
  • May initiate the need for the school to formulate a policy and ensures policies reflect the School Vision and Ethos.
  • Endorse the school operation plan, business plan and workforce plan.
  • Has the option of providing parent representation on local selection of the principal.
  • To be an accountability and review body to ensure programs are in place and strategic plans are being undertaken.

The relationship with the P&C

  • The P&C Association continues to provide financial and resource input to the school as deemed necessary.
  • It also has the right to seek information and discuss matters which can then be passed on to the School Board for examination and possible inclusion in the School Development Plan and/or policy.
  • The P&C can only make policy for itself – not for the school.
  • P&C has the responsibility of providing a representative for the School Board and thus has a influence in the decision making process.
  • Both the School Board and the P&C need to have good communications and a friendly relationship to enable the school to meet its purpose and vision.

Who to approach when issues/ideas arise

The teachers, Deputy Principals and Principal are the contact when a concern is about individual children or teachers.

2019 School Board

Amber Banfield

Chairperson and Parent

Trevor Mitchell


Hilary Macnamara

Secretary and Parent

Rebecca Robson

Deputy Principal

Cathy Osan


Sarah Murray


Maryanne Hood


Nicole Sanders


Michelle Wilmot


Cameron Jenkinson


Katie Watts


Matthew Dowd


Tom Orchard

P&C Representative

Swanbourne Primary School
Narla Road, Swanbourne WA 6010
(08) 9253 5300

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