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Homework reinforces and supports the things your children learn in school.

Two essential elements of homework area:
  • that it supports and consolidates classroom learning
  • where appropriate, is developed in consultation with students and families
You can help your children by:
  • setting aside a set time each day for homework (also allow time for play and relaxation)
  • setting up a ‘homework station’ where your children can do their homework
  • setting up a schedule for big projects that take longer to complete so they are not left with one day to finish it
  • letting your children complete their homework by themselves – this fosters independent learning
  • asking your children to explain what they have done – explaining things in their own words is a great way to learn
  • checking your children’s homework when they are done for the day and working through any errors together
  • knowing where your children are up to with their homework so they do not fall behind

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