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Positive Environment

Each class will set up a positive environment with class values, rules and acknowledgements.


  • Students who arrive before 8.30am sit outside their classrooms until the classroom is open.

  • Students eat only in the quadrangle and remain seated at lunch time until dismissed.
  • No hat no play.
  • Bicycles, scooters and skateboards must not be ridden inside school grounds.


A set of understandings and behaviours, based on our Core Values is negotiated within the first two weeks of each school year in every classroom. At Swanbourne Primary School we have a clear set of meaningful consequences for individuals whose behaviour does not reflect the school’s core values, so that they are encouraged to recognise and respect the rights of others. We apply a restorative approach and a focus on reflection, reconciliation and respect.


  • Reminder of core values.
  • *Warning/counselling by the teacher.
  • Withdrawal/counselling by the teacher.
  • Buddy classroom to reflect. Parent contacted by teacher.
  • Administration intervention/counselling by the teacher.
  • Suspension (in school, or at home).
  • Exclusion as per Education Department regulations and procedures.

* In playground, name put in duty file.
Severe clause: administration

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