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Curriculum Enrichment

School excursions further students’ learning, skills and social development outside the school setting.

They are set up to support the learning that is happening in the classroom. In most instances, they provide students with hands-on, practical experience, giving them a sense of how their learning is applied in the real world. Parents will be asked to sign a permission form to allow children to leave the school grounds. Children are always supervised by teachers and support staff on the excursion. Costs vary depending on the excursion, the length of time and what it involves. If costs are a concern, please speak with the school. 


  • Hospital Incursion 

  • Cuddly Farm

  • West Oz Wildlife

Pre Primary

Literacy Centre Fremantle (Term 2)

Year 1

Hospital Incursion (Term 1)

Year 2

Penguin Island Explorers Day (Term 1)

Year 3

Perth Hills Discovery Centre (Term 2)

Year 4

Forest Edge Camp (Week 2, Term 2)

Year 5

  • Marine Education Program (Junior Crew) (Term 4)

  • Rottnest Camp (Term 3, Week 8)

Year 6

  • Marine Education Program (Canoeing and Snorkelling)

  • Busselton Camp (Term 4, Week 6)

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