For my first adventure after arriving home from deployment overseas, I was invited to go along with the year 3’s to the Gin Gin Observatory. It was very interesting, I didn’t realise there was so many different constellations!

Here is what the students from room 10 had to say about our evening out.

“ In term 1 all the year threes went to the Gingin Night Observatory and we were lucky enough to take Teddy Bourne. He travelled on the bus with us.

At the Night Observatory, Teddy Bourne got to look through the telescopes. We could see the Archer, Sauce Serious, The Dog, Leo the Lion, The Southern Cross and The Milkyway.

Teddy Bourne thought (probably) that it was the best excursion ever. We think that he wants to go again. The excursion was so much fun.”

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