Swanbourne Primary Logo Refresh Project Update - New School Logo

Dear Parents

I’m delighted to share with you the new Swanbourne Primary logo design which was recently endorsed by the School Board.  

On behalf of our Logo Refresh Project Committee, I’d like to thank the school community for participating in our consultation process. The constructive feedback provided by parents, staff, students, P&C and School Board members on the initial logo design concept has helped to positively influence the overall outcome of the final design shown below.

We received valuable input and recommendations via our online survey. There was very strong support for the initial concept, with more than 75% of survey respondents in favour of its compatibility with the school’s identity.

In particular, the logo story and key design elements were positively received, especially the:

  • Strong and dignified swan
  • Selection of colours
  • Modern design
  • Cultural significance
  • ADF connection; and
  • Inclusion of the school name.

There were also several community recommendations that directly influenced the final logo design including:

  • Keeping the overall concept simple
  • Maintaining the school name
  • Adjusting the font
  • Reducing the dots or modifying the layout of the dots
  • Softening the swan’s feathers; and
  • Matching the concept to the school uniform colour.

Incorporating these suggestions has enabled us to develop a logo that more accurately reflects the unique qualities that make us proud to be part of the Swanbourne Primary school community.  Parents, staff and students are welcome to view these changes, and how the new logo has evolved from initial concept to final design, on a display in the library window.

I wish to sincerely thank Jesse Bowker, Amanda Spalding, Matt Dowd, Sarah Murray and Cathy Osan for their expertise and support throughout this process.

We are now developing a timeline for the gradual phasing in of the new logo across the school. As part of this process, a Uniform Committee will also be formed to assist with introducing the new logo into the uniform in an appropriate and considered manner.

Further information will be provided on this next term, so please look out for a future opportunity to take part in the next stage of this process.

Best regards

David Knox



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