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ONLINE CANTEEN - Order cut-off time is 9am.

The Swanbourne Primary School canteen is run by P&C. The canteen aims to provide nutritious lunches and snacks at affordable prices.

Flexischools is an online system that provides a cashless account where you can manage the ordering of your children’s lunches for the term. So there’s no forgetting to order or not having enough cash on you.

The online ordering system is a fast, convenient and secure way to order and pay for school canteen from home or on your mobile. Canteen services are available to you 24/7.

  • Parents set up a Flexischools account online and pre-load the account with funds in a secure environment.
  • Parent can use the funds in their account to order and pay for canteen lunches online.
  • Parents can view orders online and order ahead for the term.

Kirkwood Deli will provide the canteen with lunches on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please note there is no recess or lunch time ordering for snacks/ icy poles at this time.

Please remember that any order cancellations or alterations must be done directly with:

Flexischools 1300 361 769

Whilst Kirkwood Deli provide the lunches, they do not have access to the accounting side and are therefore unable to make any refunds/price changes.

Already have a Flexischools account?

Ordering through Flexischools

Flexischools is an online system that provides a cashless account where you can manage the ordering of your children’s lunches. The online ordering system is a fast and convenient. You will need to register for an online account by following the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘For Parents’ Select ‘Register’
  3. Enter and confirm your email address
  4. Follow registration instructions in the email you will be sent.
  5. Once registered you can ‘Add a Student’ or ‘Top Up Account’.
  6. Adding a student you will be asked for the school, their name, their year and class (i.e. their room number).You can add multiple students to your login.
  7. You can top up funds in your account via Credit Card, PayPal or direct deposit. Direct debit is free to top up and may take a few days, whilst Credit Card and Pay Pal is immediate and attracts 1% plus $0.15c fee.

Managing your order

  • Make an order by selecting from the range of items on the Swanbourne Primary School Canteen menu and then make a payment for the order listed in your order pad.
  • If required, you can review orders by logging back in to your Flexischools account.
  • You can set recurring orders and order ahead for the whole term, view transaction history or cancel orders via your online login.

What does it cost?

  • Online Ordering Fees - Free
  • Account Top-Up Fees - Direct Deposit FREE
  • Paypal & Credit Card (visa/mastercard) $0.15 + 1% ie: $1.50 per $100

View the demo to understand how it works:

Swanbourne Primary School
Narla Road, Swanbourne WA 6010
(08) 9253 5300

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