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Our School is Allergy Aware

There are a number of students in our school who experience anaphylactic reactions if exposed to nuts or products containing nuts eg. nutella, peanut butter. For some of these students the anaphylactic reaction can be life threatening. For this reason we have a nut aware policy in place in our school and ask families to refrain from sending nuts, nut spreads or products containing nuts to school. We would like to emphasise the seriousness of this issue as we have students that can become seriously ill in a matter of minutes. Even if food items contain traces of nuts please try and avoid giving them to your child in their lunch boxes and save these treats for home.

Medications and EpiPens

If your child requires an EpiPen or other medication at any point throughout the school day, please do not send it in your child’s bag. Ensure you hand any medication to the office and complete appropriate documentation, as well as inform the class teacher.

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